Monday, 15 May 2017


Your weekend

Where did you go and who did you see?
What did you do?
Did you play sport or clean your room or eat a pie or see you friend?

  • Write 2 paragraphs about your weekend.
  • Use nouns, verbs and adjectives

And the weekend My cousin came over to my house I asked my Mum where she was going She said that she was going to a family meeting I asked if I could come over She said yes On our way there I felt sick So I took a nap at my auntie house When I got back home We had McDonald's But I did not want any Because I felt like Spewing up Because I was sick I had a hot head And that is why I felt like spewing up When I got to school I felt more better I think I was sick because I didn't eat that much and the is what i did in the  Weekend the endRelated image