Wednesday, 15 June 2016

yum yum

 group ideas into paragraphs.

When The bells  I ran straight to class  as soon as I got  in the  class I saw to box is on the table The sign said do not touch I was thinking why  they were they  2 boxes I looked at  mr  Bax so I knew there something up  West Ham
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My friend calais went to get a  bandana to  put Around my face.  I was sweating because i Didn't no what was going to happened. But then something good happens I got to eat.Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 09.59.21.pngWhen my friends went to get the cup  she said hold the cup and  drink it When I first  drink at it  tasted like life it was squishy it was  solft and it was yam.
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My favourite of the day was doing something different  it was so cool doing something different So there is my favourite of the day because I got to do something a friend it was so fun arigato skies why we like the jally
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