Monday, 15 May 2017


Your weekend

Where did you go and who did you see?
What did you do?
Did you play sport or clean your room or eat a pie or see you friend?

  • Write 2 paragraphs about your weekend.
  • Use nouns, verbs and adjectives

And the weekend My cousin came over to my house I asked my Mum where she was going She said that she was going to a family meeting I asked if I could come over She said yes On our way there I felt sick So I took a nap at my auntie house When I got back home We had McDonald's But I did not want any Because I felt like Spewing up Because I was sick I had a hot head And that is why I felt like spewing up When I got to school I felt more better I think I was sick because I didn't eat that much and the is what i did in the  Weekend the endRelated image

Thursday, 11 May 2017

thier and there and they'er

They went to visit their uncle
Please put your shoes over there
I like eggs when they're scrambled
they’re grandad is almost 100!
Have you been there yet?
they ‘er looking for their their dog
Tomorrow there will be a big party
going to Samoa for a holiday
there are no more milks left
What did you see over there?
On Sunday,their family goes to church
Sam played with their new kitten
I went to Burger King and I liked their burgers

Monday, 3 April 2017

Julieanna You Shake Your Tail Feathers? Week 9, T1

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.39.21 pm.pngTrue or False?
True or False?
How do you know?
Weka is a type of bird
Because it said the weka is a nosy bird.
Weka found a big blue tail feather

Because it said it was a beautiful, shiny, black, tail feather.
She was careful with the tail feather in her beak

Because she love the feather it was beautiful to her.
Kahu is an eagle
Because kahu is a type of a eagle. And they are one of the biggest birds in NZ.
Pukeko wants to have the feather to sweep the ground

Because kahu was the one who went to use it to sweep.
Everyone wants to steal the feather off Weka
Because they all wants to  use it for sweep and clean.
Karearea scared the other birds away
Because he said it look like you are followed’’ and then they run a way.
Pukeko can fly
No because there wing are too small to fly.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

NZ Native Birds

Walt: make connections across multiple texts
 Today me and Sky had did some writing about NZ native birds.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Adidas parley plastic

These shoes are made out of plastic from the sea and we were using the plastic

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mr goodwin

Mr goodwin

Julieannna Charades recount

On Friday we were playing a game of Charade it was cool. In class.We have to have an actor for the game.

Charade? It was cool.We were not allowed to talk during the game If we do we are out And there were three teams Group 1 Group 2 group 3.

The first players were kurtis And Juliana Tata. My team was group one and they won because we are  winners.

We were Losing Because The other teams were cheating And that was not fair so we won.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

the fluffy bunny challenge

Walt: Write a captivating introduction, middle and end for a recount

Have you ever stuff marshmallows in your mouth At school before ?
Have you ever seen a boy in a bunny suit before?

On Friday the 10th of February my teacher Ms Scanlon made 4 people pull marshmallows in their mouth Because we were playing chubby bunny the lost had to Wear a Bunny suit.
There is more you  want to read?

Today we did the fluffy bunny challenge And it was cool. 4 people were involved to do the fluffy bunny challenge And the first two people that played first was Sky And kurtis
But nobody won at the end Sky started Spearing in Her mouth So she went to go get a Tissue to waipa mouth  And she eat the marshmallow  It's words of disgusting After their terms there are two more players because nobody won the to next People was William And Tatiana They had the game Tatiana put  two marshmallows in  first But she was still going well then it was Williamstown William was doing ok but miss Scanlan said you are not Allowed to Eat it After that we had a winner And it was William So the loser has to do with a bunny suit But Tatiana did not want to So somebody else had to do it was a boy and we all had fun and that the end of my Story.

the fluffy bunny