Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A trip to museum

On Friday our class went on a bus to the Museum. While we were waiting to arrive at the Museum we were singing maori songs like mihi mai ra. When we arrived we meet a person named Joshua he told us lots of rules it was like the library rules in glen innes don't run don't shout.

My second  favourite  thing was holding the Tyrannosaurs-Rex  head.  It was cool holding the  head. We looked at the  dinosaurs  bones. When we went to the volcano room it was going to shake. We all thought  that  it was a brain but it was poo. My favourite thing  was  holding the poo and being  a paleontologist .

We had a quiz the competitors were Anaia  and Ash also Hazel. The team was called team chicken team sheep and team quacky wacky. we had to go to the maori room  and we had to count the lollies to get the quiz. Our second quiz was look for the shoes the shoes were in the old fashion room. Our third quiz was look for the teapot the teapot was in the old kitchen in the glass.
We got to roll down with a bag.

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