Thursday, 24 November 2016

crazy motata

When the year 6 students went to camp we got to go to Motat.  Hine and Calais were singing on the bus but they could not stop. When we got there we had to go with a Teacher. When we went with the Teacher we went to the Mirror maze but it was not there. But then the girl  quietly ran away when they run away the teacher was worried about them so she went and look for them but she could not Find them. The girl went to the game when they went to the game they went to play on them Until they broke it. When they broke it  they  felt really guilty. They  tried to Fix it before the motat  keep
came but it was to late she came it looked like she was up set but then we told her what Happen and  then it  turned out that she was not angry she said that ok because That always happen and then they  felt  Innocent but there was one Problem there teacher was not with them so they went Around the motat to look for her on there way looking for her they went back to the game when they went back to the game.

When they got there they Pushed A button that Took him back in time and that was 1006 they  were So so scared because There were dinosaurs.  Went they saw the T-rex they Sneakily went past but they Hine Stepped on a branch and they the T-rex Heard it so they ran as fast as they can in Toll They found The game so they   pressed the button that toke them in  time but there was no Battery For the game to work so they went to find the Batteries but were too scared because it was next to the T-rex Toyota so they Sneakily Grab the Battery  But then done the T-Rex woke up so they ran to the game machine and put The Battery in As fast as they can but the T-Rex was Right behind them so they Push the button and they made it back.

When they got back They went to look for the teacher  And then they found her in the science room  she said I was  worried  About you. When the got back it was time to go so they They ran as fast as they can so they can Catch the bus in time  and we made it in time for they bus and we had a good time.

     THE END

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  1. Wow this is such an awesome story! It sounds like you guys should have been more careful to stick with your teacher, but I guess it all worked out in the end!

    Kia ora Julieanna!

    I hope you're having a great holiday. You don't know me yet, but I'm Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of the term. It sounds like you can make good decisions, so I want to suggest you join in with your classmates on the Summer Learning Journey soon! It is very important during the holidays that we don't stop things like reading and learning, so this summer the programme is all about travel and learning about other cultures - more deeply than you've ever looked at in school before probably! It's quite exciting and the students that have started already are really enjoying it!

    Anyways there are heaps of activities, so I thought you might be interested because you seem like you are the kind of student that is really curious about everything.

    I hope to see you online soon, I'll be commenting on every blog you write (and so will any of your mates that join in with you), so yeah, kia kaha! And I hope you have a lovely break whether you decide to join in or not!