Monday, 21 November 2016


When the yeas 6 went to camp we got to go to motat.  hine and calais were sing on the bus but they could not stop. When we got there we had to go with a Teacher. When we went with the Teacher we went to the Mirror maze but it was not there. But then the girl  quietly ran away when they run away the teacher was worried about them so she went and look for them but she could not Find them. The girl went to the game when they went to the game they went to play on them Until they broke it. When they broke it  they  felt really guilty. They  tried to Fix it before the motat  keep came but it was to late she came it looked like she was up set but then we told her what Happen and  then it  turned out that she was not angry she said that ok because That always happen and then they  felt  Innocent but there was one Problem there teacher was not with them so they went Around the motat to look for her and then they Found her and they had a Great time. And then the bus came and the kids was Already going on the bus so we run As first as we can they we Made it on the bus and they had a great time.

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